Roofing Services

From construction to repair, ZTech Contractors offer reliable and long-lasting solutions for your roofing needs. Years of experience has let our business evolve to a level where the roofing services of our business are laced with modernism, technology, and luxury to offer you much more than conventional roofs. We have professional architects and engineers who ensure each and every aspect of your construction needs before doing anything. Instead of making mistakes and then learning, we attempt to not make them at all in the very first place. From flat roofs to modern day roofs, we have the resources to construct them for you with persisting quality.

At ZTech Contractors, we believe in being honest with all of our clients and other relationships which lets us always ensure quality and dependability in the construction projects. Our business never neglects any issue or take any situation for granted in your construction projects. Once you choose us for your construction needs, we can ensure the best quality of materials for the construction works for most reasonable prices possible. Contact our business today by either giving us a call at 718-220-6300 or by sending us an email at and let’s achieve what you desire.